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System does not start after ESET uninstallation.


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We have customer with 400 user want to unistall ESET endpoint security ver 6.2.

He had uninstalled ERA. Now when he try to unistall ESET manually from single system,system ask for restart and after restart system stuck on window logon screen.Then we have to restart again with "last good configuration". In some case they have to recover/format window system. 


Check with ESET unistaller tool still facing same problem. 


kindly help and let us know which logs are required.    

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @21jags,


He wants to uninstall in the 400 terminals or just 1?


[case of 400 uninstall]

Install ERAv6 again and configure, later process the uninstall option using ERA (which is the last thing to uninstall

when you done with the client).

First the product, later the agent.


[single case]

Uninstall Agent, uninstall product.

Be careful when use the ESET Uninstaller.

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