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edit exclusions from anti virus scanning - it's locked, i can't change anything?


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Please help.


I'm running Eset Endpoint antivirus 6.3.2016 on windows 8.1 64 bit.


I need to add some exclusions to the antivirus scan to enable legitimate software to run, without constant virus alerts.


I open Eset, go Setup, advanced setup. I can then click on 'view' to open up existing exclusions, but the buttons at the bottom of the exclusions window are greyed out, so I can add/edit/remove. There is no password protection setup in 'User interface - Access' section, so I don't think it's password related...


Sorry if I'm missing the obvious here but I can't get round it.


I've attached 2 files here to show the problem.


Please help - thanks in anticipation...










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As you can see, the Exclusions setting is locked which means that it's defined by a policy and therefore cannot be changed on clients.

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Same problem here!

This behavior should get changed in further releases of Eset Endpoint, Server and ERA products.

Sometimes it´s necessary to set a single exclusion on a single client. It would be better to do this on client side, instead of creating a policy for each single exclusion.

In fact that policies with exclusions do not get merged on client side, in my opinion, the whole ERA policy design is not optimal to set granular exclusions on different clients.

We are managing 17 client locations with one ERA Server and urgently need the functionality to merge different policies containing path exclusions.


I´m hopefully to see this functionality in a future release of ESET products.


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Exclusions are treated as one setting currently. To my best knowledge, there are plans to change this in future versions.

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