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Hello Eset


We are getting Many Of Issue From Our Partner & Customer That ESET Not Resolve  Shortcut Malware/Virus Issue Properly.


There is two Issue Regarding USB Removable Drive.


1. System Slow & Flash Drivers Cant open @ Scan Time & SlowDown While We Select Scan Now For Removable Media.(Mostly In Scandisk Pendrive)


2. Regarding Shortcut Virus/Malware.

    ESET May be Detect and Clean Virus if any But Still Hidden Data Not Shown and Short Cut Link Not Deleted Like Other Antivirus Do.


We are Using ESET USB Fixer Utility To Manually Unhide Data. But It is Not Possible at Client Place.

We Know about USB Fixer And Using But How Client Know That? If Other Anti Virus Clean Virus and Unhide Folder/Data and Remover Unwanted Shortcut So Why Not ESET?


This is Hot Issue in Our Area and because of That Many Partner Switch in Other Anti Virus Software.


Dear ESET Team Take Immediate Action and Add. Shortcut Virus / Malware Removal and Unhide Data In Updates So Client Easily Clear Virus and Also Get Data Back.



Thanks & Regards

Vimarsh Panchal


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If a malicious lnk or vbs file is not detected, submit it to samples[at]eset.com as per the instructions at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb141/. Detection will be added and malicious files will be blocked so they won't be able to hide files or folders any more.

To unhide already hidden files and folders, use ESET USB Fixer tool.


Since everything has been said and a solution was provided, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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