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troubles for migration from EFSW 4.5 to 6.3

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Hi all,

i am currently upgrading all my clients servers running EFSW v4.5.xx to v6.3, and i have so much troubles...

Uninstallation of v4.5.xx on windows server 2008 R2 x64 always fails (about 10 times, on different servers, brand, physical or virtual...):

the uninstaller starts and bloc on "drivers uninstallation" phase.

and after it's a big deal to success !

i have to stop all the msi process, hard reboot the server, execute the esetuninstall.exe /nosafemode, reboot cleanly and after that, i can install, the news version !


it's a nightmare i have dozens of server to migrate, please someone help !

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hi, thanks for reply

i am running the latest 6.3 era, but i don't use it to push install the clients update.

the 10 times was on 10 different servers ! i try to manually uninstall v4.5.


how can i uninstall collecting datas ?

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  • ESET Staff




Well the ESET File Security is an .msi file so the command lines should work...




 .msi /lvx* uninstall.log


Also, usually ESET Support (and ESET guys here) ask for ESET Log Collector data (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3466/?viewlocale=en_US).



  1. do you try to contact your country ESET distributor for support?
  2. Do test to install an Agent and send the uninstall task (first disabling EFSW self-defense)?
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hi !

thank you again for your reply and help !

finally this process works :

- disabling self defence

- reboot server

- uninstall manually (process take a long long time to uninstall network drivers)

- reboot server

- manually or push install the 6.3 !

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