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ERA6.3 remote deploy fails to activate EES

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I've been trying to get this to work for several days now, and assumed there must be something wrong on my PC, so I built a clean Windows 7 Pro PC, installed all available MS updates, along with Microsoft Security Essentials, and nothing else, but still having the same problem.


I've setup an ERA6.3 server running on W2012R2 hosted on Microsoft Azure. I then installed EFS on this server and all appears fine.


I created an agent install package from the ERA console and can successfully run this on multiple computers which then successfully connect back to the hosted ERA server, continually as expected. At this point I only have port 2222 open to the hosted ERA server.


I then run a standard software deploy task, selecting my licence and EES from the repository. A few minutes later I see in Task Manager on the client the software downloading, and then the software installs, but once installed it reports 'Product is not activated'. Also in ERA it reports the install failed.


So I create a task to activate the software. These tasks continually fail.


I can send a 'Scan' task to the client from ERA and EES on the client begins scanning the system a few minutes later. So the agent is successfully reporting back to ERA and successfully receiving commands/tasks from ERA, yet the licence still fails to activate.


My licence is Eset Endpoint Protection Advanced, which includes EES. There doesn't appear to be anything being recorded in the agent logs on the client when I'm sending the activate tasks. I'm not sure where to look or what to look for on the server.


Can anyone help please?


Thanks :)

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Are you able to open the address https://edf.eset.com/edf? A short xml file should be shown.

If you attempt to activate EES manually, what error do you get?


In case there was a firewall between the server and ESET's servers, ekrn.exe would need to have access to activation servers allowed as per the KB article hxxp://support.eset.com/kb332/.

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Yep can access that site fine, brings up an xml 'Unsupported Content-type: unknown' message.


I did try to manually enter my licence key on my main PC which wouldn't work, the licence key is of course for EEPA.


There shouldn't be anything being blocked outgoing, and as said the agent is connecting back to ERA fine, and ERA can send tasks to the client that run fine, just cannot activate.

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Looks like I found the problem. It was inheriting Proxy Server settings under \Tools\Proxy Server\ from the default ‘Security Product for Windows – HTTP Proxy Usage’ policy.


After applying the Force flag to not use Proxy Server in this section of the settings in the policy for this computers static group, then restarting the computer (required), I was then able to run the activation task successfully from ERA.


Going to uninstall EES and then re test deploying from ERA to confirm all is now OK.

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