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rdsensor.exe memory usage

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I have detected that the rdsensor.exe use a lot of memory on our system. According to the eventlog the rdsensor.exe use 14450626560 Bytes. I think it is a little be to much for only 150 clients.


Windows hat diagnostiziert, dass der virtuelle Speicher unzureichend ist. Die folgenden Programme belegten den meisten virtuellen Speicher: RDSensor.exe (1448) belegt 14450626560 Bytes, Tomcat7.exe (1308) belegt 329281536 Bytes und sqlservr.exe (1784) belegt 228978688 Bytes.

We have 1.0.1033.0 installed

Is this a known problem?




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Please create a dump of this process and send it to your local ESET support office, as this will have to be analyzed by our developers.

Thank you.

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