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ERA 6.3 | receiving error when trying to deploy agents.

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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to deploy Agents on new computer in the company.


for some reason (and that's the first time i see it) I get a message i can't complete the creation\modification of a the server Task, due to:



Failed to modify task: Invalid certificate or certificate password provided


I never had that before, and from a short count i did (there are 4 certificates for some reason)it looks like 65 licenses were activated, (i recently increased the amount to 80.) 

Here is a screenshot:






Do i need to create another new certificate? doesn't it increase automatically?




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  • ESET Staff

Seems like certificate you selected for remote installation has different password as you provided. There are multiple AGENT certificates as you wrote, are you sure you are selecting proper one? I guess one of them was created during installation, and remaining later (maybe also created by "Server assisted" installation). I would also suggest to test empty password, as that is used for certificates generated by live installer.

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That's the problem @martinK

Nothing has changed except purchasing extra 15 licenses.

I did manage to fix it by creating a new certificate under peer certificates.

That solved it, although the number of "active clients" would still be deducted from a previous certificate.


I was on the phone with local ESET support, and was told its ok to revoke that certificate, and so we did.


now issue has returned + i'm unable to create a new certificate, Error code 0x56.


Any help on that?





Failed to create certificate: Creating and signing peer certificate failed. Check input parameters for invalid or reserved characters, check certification authority pfx/pkcs12 signing certificate and corresponding password.: Trace info: CreatePeerCertificate: PFXImportCertStore failed with The specified network password is not correct. Error code: 0x56

This is the error i get when trying to create a certificate

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From another check i had, it looks like the C drive where ERA was installed became full (of himself) 

after freeing some space and restarting the services it looks like everything is back on track.


Thanks Martin!

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