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Eset Smart Security Adware Issue

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In our very very small business (2 computers) we have a lot of adware that is getting past ESET. PUA Detections are on, but these threats keep coming through.

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Hello Frost. Are we talking like pop up ads? You must be careful downloading "bundled"  freeware programs (krappware is everywhere!). Always go to the originating product/program supplier, don't go to software centers like Cnet, Major Geeks ...etc (see https://forum.eset.com/topic/3938-here%E2%80%99s-what-happens-when-you-install-the-top-10-downloadcom-apps/?hl=cnet#entry23052



I use Adguard in addition to ESS. It's a free extension in Firefox and works pretty well for me.




That's my 2 cents-good luck.

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Do you have detection of potentially Unwanted, Unsafe and Suspicious apps enabled ?




I ask since most users usually "complain" that ESET almost is too strict when it comes to these detections and not the other way around.


On the link below - do you pass all of the tests that AMTSO provides in order to make sure that ESET and other security products are set up correctly & works properly ?


Try the 6 links for Desktop Solutions in this post: https://forum.eset.com/topic/7179-amtso-security-features-check/?p=38904

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Thanks, the linked pages were very informative and now I know Eset SS is doing it's job. Not that I ever doubted that it was. Now I know what all those warnings actually look like in real time. I appreciate it.

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