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New Modules ... Is there new functionality being added to the AV product?

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Running NOD32 AV version 9.0.375.0.


A few weeks ago, I noticed a new "Rootkit detection and cleaning module" in the About section of the NOD32 AV interface (version 1000, dated 12/27/2015). 


This morning, another new module appeared ... "Network protection module" (version 1105, dated 3/22/2016).


Any news on if this is actually new protection being added, or just that the about section is now showing this modules which have always been there? Either way, what do these new modules actually do?


Happy to have the extra protection, just curious!

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It's a light version of the network protection module employed by ESET Smart Security which uses network signatures to block communication with malicious servers. Currently it doesn't do anything in EAV and adding full support will take some time. It's fully functional in ESS and Endpoint Security v6 at the moment.


As for the "Rootkit detection and cleaning module", it contains functionality for detecting and cleaning rootkits from ESET's stand-alone cleaners.

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