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Enable safe USB device removal while scanning


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Using Win XP SP3


When I connect a USB flash drive to my computer, ESET begins a scan, as it should.


The problem is that I'm usually done transferring files well before ESET has completed its scan, and when I try to safely remove the USB device I get an error message that "the device ... cannot be stopped right now." I have to wait till the scan is complete, and only then can I properly and safely dismount the USB device.


As this is a work computer, I cannot "Temporarily disable protection" since I do not have the password (nor should I).


Is there another way that I can suspend ESET so I can safely dismount the USB device?


If not, may I suggest that this be considered for future versions? Perhaps you could add the safely remove option to the ESET menu (Abort scan and dismount USB device) while it is scanning.



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By default, you are asked for an action when a new removable medium is detected. You can choose not to scan it if you know that you'll remove it in a while.

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