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Slow Macbook

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I recently acquired ESET Security on a 1 Month trial basis...Reason being is that my Macbook was really slow and I thought this new program could speed it up somewhat...I did all the scans required and it showed No Threats....And still my laptop is slow...Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello Wayne,

First of all, I have moved your question to a new topic, as you have posted a response to an unrelated thread.

As for your question, your Macbook can be slow due to various reasons, not just from being infected,

Do you have any reason to believe it is indeed infected by a malware? If not, I would recommend to contact a Mac-related professional or an online discussion forum.

As for our product, you can keep it installed to have your device protected from potential threats.

If you like it after the trial runs out, you can purchase a license (the link will be in the product) and enjoy safer technology.

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Tomas is right, Cyber Security is great for protecting your Macbook from the day you installed it. If you found no threats, at least you can now focus on other things like the apps you have installed, what is running in the menu bar, checking Activity Monitor for any apps that seem to use a lot of CPU and/or RAM, seeing if you have issues on a new User account, and even possibly reinstalling OS X. It could also be hardware based, if your device is getting old or something isn't right on the inside of your Macbook.


If you need some help for this, I recommend heading over to the Apple Support Communities or if you are still covered under warranty, to contact Apple Support as they will be the best for solving your slowness issue.

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