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Windows 10 + ESET SS connectivity issues

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I am using the newest Windows 10 build, 1511, and the newest ESET SS 9.0.374.1, I can connect to the internet normally, problem occurs when my modem restarts (be it manual intended restart, accidentally plugged out from electricity etc.), so after the modem restarts, and signals that its working, internet access does not come back. ESET is signaling that it found new network connection and lets you chose if its public or work/home network. In windows network settings the connection is labeled as Network 2 in my case, and there is no internet access, only rebooting the PC restores it.


I've made some tests, and the culprit seems to be ESET NDIS 6 Lightweight Filter, with this option disabled in network adapter settings my connection reconnects just fine after modem restart, with this enable it does not and only rebooting PC helps.


Is there any way to resolve this? 


I faced both the exact same issues and did this as a workaround - after installation of Smart Security:

  • Go into the properties for the Network Adapter you use for the Internet, uncheck ESET's one and apply settings. This will allow the computer to connect to the Network/Internet again for now.
  • Activate the product and let Smart Security fully update.
  • Go back to the Network Adapter properties and turn back on ESET's one.
  • Restart (not shut down) Windows 10.
This should resolve both the firewall service and Internet issue.
Seems that the ESET entry in the Network Adapter properties after installation is the cause for the Network/Internet not working, and either an update or a restart resolves it somehow. Not sure if that is also linked to the firewall service but that is also resolved once restarted and/or updated.
Is this a working fix for it maybe? (I understood that it was a fix for people who could not connect to the internet at all).
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