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Issues with EVS and vAgent Host

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Hello Team,


1.I regist evs to Vshield successfully ,but the status on evs local console always be:

Current vShield registration status :-vShield is not reachable at addres X.X.X.X


2.Can't regist successfully by a local vShield user with role auditor. Root or Vcentor admin is Ok.

3.The overview of vAgent Host on its vclient console shows it's an era server. But every funcion is normal.

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  • Former ESET Employees

Hi superzpy,


1, please verify, that you've opened all ports according to this documentation hxxp://help.eset.com/evs/1/en-US/index.html?installation_evs_tool.htm

2, roles necessary for registration are in response of VMware. It seems that you'll need to be admin to do that. 

3, we're aware of that issue and it'll be fixed with upcoming Service Release. 

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