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Eset Anti-Theft infinite test 45+ minutes so far

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I just reloaded my pc with a fresh reformat. So I'm setting things up. When I logged into Anti-Theft there were two instances of this pc listed. The second had a 1 after it. So I deleted the one with the 1 since my pc isn't named that. Well it has been running the test now for over 45 minutes. I've refreshed and it still states test is still running.


I initially purchased a 3 pc 1 year Smart Security and have only installed to this pc. Hopefully it didn't take this second install away from one of the 2 remaining pc installs.


I also don't see the ghost account when I look at Drive security settings. I hope it didn't make this fresh install the pc with the 1 at the end and I didn't just screw everything up.

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  • ESET Staff

this problem occasionally occurs, when you didn't accept test request in popup window on device that should test run on...

pm me yours emails registered within my.eset.com and affected device name...

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