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AMS(Advanced Memory Scanner) Question

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A simply analogy here is a file archive. It is stored in a compressed format. An AV scanner cannot scan files in compressed format unless it first un-compresses the archive.

Likewise, malware can pack and obfuscate, i.e. hide, executable code in let's say a javascript. It does so to avoid detection by AV conventional scanning methods when downloaded. Additionally, the malicious code cannot execute until the malware unpacks and un-obfuscates the code. AMS protection will detect this activity and suspends the process so it can be scanned for malware and/or terminates the process .

When Eset states this is a post execution detection method, what is meant that the malware process has already started execution prior to the unpacking and un-obfuscating activity and some system modification might have occurred. However, this damage is usually minor in effect and easy to correct.

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