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ERA 6.3 | Create Mirror Server to download virus definitions

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Hi everyone,

I have a two sites on two separate geographical locations.

One is set with ERA, while the other doesn't although there is a local DC there.

I'd like to turn it into a mirror so local users can download the definition there and not download over internet (which seems to be heavy load)


Also, If anyone can throw me a tip on how to set up the "proxy\mirror" in the policy i'd appreciate it.



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  • ESET Staff

Hi @avielc,


If use ERA 6 you don't need to setup a mirror, the Agents in each terminal get the updates from ERA server or Proxy (depends on which one you setup).


Also this should answer your question...


   How do I configure an ESET an endpoint product to function as a Mirror server? (6.x)


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Thanks @gonzalo Thanks buddy!

that's my issue right there.

All the local users where the ERA server is (and i use 6.3) will get the updates from that server.

I'd like to make the Domain controller on the other site a mirror\proxy server for everyone to download from, and assign it in the policy.

That's what i need it for.



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I was actually repeating my problem :)

Still couldn't figure our how to create the mirror or proxy as mentioned.

So i'll have to look it up.

I'll try to repeat myself in more detail as I may not be too clear on what i need.


I have 2 servers, on two different geographical locations.

Both ISP (Internet providers) are short on bandwidth. I need a local cache folder that will have the updated definition so everyone on the LAN\Locally will get its updates from there.


What do I use best and how do i implant it into the policy?



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  • ESET Staff

Ok, I got the picture.


Try this ones:


Documentation for mirror tool: hxxp://help.eset.com...ool_windows.htm

How to create a mirror from your application?: hxxp://help.eset.com...date_mirror.htm

How to configure / install Apache HTTP Proxy: hxxp://help.eset.com...n-US/index.html

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This answers my question.

I'll probably will leave it for Sunday\Monday to actually mess with these options.

But these would be enough for me to start digging in and see what fits and what issues i run into.


Thanks a lot man! :D

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  • ESET Staff
  • Solution

Basically, it depends from the topology of your network, and if servers are running Windows or not.

If they are Windows, what you can do is:

  1. Install the ERA server with default configuration including the apache HTTP proxy. In this case, default update policies for Endpoint, File Security and ERA components will be created to divert all communication via the local proxy (this is OK, in case your workstations are not leaving the network = are desktops).  You can alternatively edit the policy, and adjust the secondary profile, to not use the proxy server (Endpoint will try to update using the primary and then secondary profile)
  2. For the Rermote location (the one where you are not having the ERA server), install the standalone apache http proxy using the ERA all in one installer on a machine, that has internet access, and would allow caching of the update files.
  3. Configure a policy where you set the proxy in tools/proxy and in the policies for the products in the "UPDATE" section (profiles). Apply this policy to a group, where the computers from the second location are placed. This will make sure, that the default policies are overwritten.

Alternatively, you can do the same, for the primary location as advised in the step "2" on any machine in the primary site, if you have already installed the ERA server, without the Apache HTTP proxy. The proxy that will be installed using all-in one installer has advantage, that it is configured to cache / allow the communication with ESET servers for Live Grid, licensing (activation), updates and installations (even the installers are cached, in case you do a installs using ERA agent / upgrades of ERA infrastructure in case of future releases). Hope that this helps.


Alternatively, you can use a mirror created from the ESET Application (EEA/EES V6, EFSW V6) or use the mirror tool, based on links advised by Gonzalo above. But the proxy is the recommended way.

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If only I could mark you both as the solutions, You guys are both the best :)

Thanks! I'll have a look at it hopefully by the beginning of next week, might even add what i did here just so everyone can learn and use it too :)


Thanks again!

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