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eset file security server v4.5

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Very angry with Major problems with this horrendeous software, we allowed licence to run out in January 2016 due to this software causing problems over our network. And yes it is this software thats causing the problems.

We cannot get this to uninstall off our network, if we uninstall even from safe mode the computer will not reboot regardless of which version windows it is running this happens on all our clients. 100% non boot, i have to restore the client and guesss what eset is back. This is the first software i have came accross that knocks out your pc on uninstall, I am completly at a loss on how to remove safely without each computer crashing. The removal tool removes all network card software and drivers then stops your pc from booting (No joke but what the f??ck) this is not good software. This has cost us hours, we cannot login remotly to our company network and try to remove eset, "as guess what" it breaks your network settings. for some reason i have noticed that it turns off or breaks dhcp is this deliberate ( if you have set your network settings to unique ip address, Esets software uninstall deletes your gateway settings and turns off dhcp- This also happens uninstalling in safe mode) I Need a solution to get this bad software out or your companies getting a bill for time trust me.

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ESET File Security does not contain a firewall so it does cannot cause networking issues. As for issues with the ESET Uninstall tool, although I have never encountered any, the tool itself warns you about possible issues that it may cause and explicitly asks you if you want to continue: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/


The KB article also contains instructions how to back up network settings and restore them if they are lost duing the removal process.


EFSW 4.5 is quite old and we strongly recommend using EFSW 6.3 which is also fully compatible with Windows Server 2012.

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