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How can I trust ESET ?

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Hello ! 


I downloaded app and  thought it's safe. It was streaming app. I saw couple people mentioned it's a malware. My question is Nod32 didn't see any suspicious. It says it's not a threat. Although people says that app might send your information or take your data.

I'm scared that they might take my info or other stuffs.


How can I believe Nod32 again ? How can I find they did something to my pc ? 


Best Regards

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Send the application in a password-protected archive to samples@eset.com for analysis. It may be really innocuous and the people are simply wrong. Or it could be detected as a potentially unwanted or unsafe application but you have detection of these applications disabled in ESET.

Also upload it to Virus Total (www.virustotal.com) and post the link with results here.

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