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Eset settings turned off and won't reset

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Turned on the laptop this mornng and the ESET icon showed several issues. The error message said a bunch of settings were not On, but they were ON when I checked the console. This can't be good. I think I should uninstall and just use Windows 10 firewall until there is clarity on what's happening. Any comments or advice appreciated.






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Reboot the PC-it should reset.


That happened to me the other day except with the Network Protection (*Firewall and botnet protection). I should not have to verify everything is working OK.


An ESET comment by a Mod would be helpful.


*EDIT 3-16-16

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Please run the following commands in a command prompt window run as administrator and post the output here:

sc query epfw

sc qc epfw


sc query epfwwfp

sc qc epfwwfp


sc query epfwlwf

sc qc epfwlwf

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Hello Marcos. Here is my output. I hope it's OK for me to add to the OP (I do not mean to commandeer this topic).



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