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ESET and Outlook 2013/2016

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My office has started using ESET Smart Security 9 for all our PCs. For emails, we use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 clients. 


Since installing ESET, we have all had some trouble sending and receiving emails (mostly the problem is receiving emails). I  found a guide on temporarily disabling Personal Firewall, which does work. However, if i need to disable the firewall just to use email, that seems to defeat the purpose of having ESET in the first place.


I did find another guide that mentioned making specific Firewall Rules. I navigated to the advanced settings and found the Firewall Rules section, but i don't know what kind of rule i'm supposed to create. 


Please help.




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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, please go to the Advanced setup and in the Personal firewall section, set the Filtering mode to Learning mode.

This mode "learns" communication you make with your programs (i.e. it creates allowing rules for them).

After You run Outlook and successfully use it, return the firewall to Automatic mode.

The rules created during the Learning mode will be remembered and you should be able to send and receive emails.



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  • Administrators

It seems odd that firewall would block the communication as it allows all outbound communication and blocks all non-initiated inbound communication. This is not the case of sending/receiving email so I don't understand why firewall would block the communication in automatic mode with no custom block rules created.

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Had exactly the same problem with my (GMAIL) account & outlook 2016 when i had changed over to v9. Yet my Hotmail and Yahoo accounts worked fine.

If memory serves me correct i had to change the setttings on my GMAIL account online (from POP to IMAP/SMTP), and change the account settings within outlook to IMAP/SMTP . You will also need to change the ports for incoming and outgoing servers too.

Was all fine under v8 using pop , so its definitely something in v9 that's causing the problem.

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