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Click once app and NOD (eset sec) problem


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I have an application which is distributed through "ClickOnce" deployment system.  ( https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/t71a733d.aspx ) to my clients.



For some time now, some of my clients are having problems when they update application and try to run it.


The error is click once system deployment error with message:


"Value does not fall within the expected range".


I figured it out that this problem only occurs with clients which have NOD 32 or eset security installed. OS is ranging from win 7 to win 10.


The only solution i have so far, is to manually remove app and reinstall it again. (in some cases i even have to disable NOD first)


But this can be rather painfull and time consuming and totally negates the purpose of click once (user should update app without any help).


Is there somekind solution within NOD that i can setup (some whitelist config for an app etc.)?


Thanks in advance.









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Does temporarily disabling real-time protection make a difference? If not, does any of the following do?

- web protection

- protocol filtering (advanced setup)

- HIPS (+ computer restart)

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