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ESET Agent installation on MAC - Remotely

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Dear Support,


I am having approximately 300 Mac machines needs eset, i am trying to install the agent remotely with all the required remote sharing enabled on mac as shown in knowledge base but the task fails.


If i use the live agent installer method and install the agent first then i am able to push the antivirus.


Please advise troubleshooting method to control the process remotely.






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Hi Shaik,

From my past experience you may want to analyze the error.

from the computer where the Remote administrator is installed do the following for every failed MAC (may sound a lot, but it's necessary just like adding remote login option)


1. ping and ping -a to the mac - failure means you need to define DNS (that's what i did and it helped)

2. ssh to the machine - just see if you get a popup for credentials. it means SSH works (I ran into an issue once where it didn't, had to reinstall openssh-server there.)

3. administrator user login. - from what i saw passing domain credentials doesn't always work, you'll need to use a local admin account.


Good luck

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