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Need help with multiple domains @ remote administrator

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I was able to install eset remote administrator on windows server. Allready deployed it on domain that windows server is a member of. Now I wanted to connect computers from other domains and there is no way they will show up as connected. Mapping to new static groups works like a charm. Synchronizing computer names and theirs location works also. If I deploy an agent, I get info about software install but nothing happens. After this I checked those machines and none of them had agent installed. So I decided to manual install agent (via bat file). Now I see agent but its not appears on ERA as connected....


On client side I get : CreplicationManager: replication (network) connection to host x.x.x.x port 2222 failed with (0x274c)


Thx for any help with it

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How are your domains joined? Same subnet(s) or different subnet(s) with firewall or something between them?

We have more than three Windows server domains (different forests) with three separate and unique physical networks (one of those being a DMZ domain). Had to craft some unique routing rules to get the DMZ domain to talk back to the ERA Proxy over port 2222.

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