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Black Desert - need to disable firewall in order to make it connect

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Hi guys!

So the problem I'm having is regarding Smart Security v. 9.0.349.14 and Black Deset Online.

I need to disable the firewall in order for me to connect to any server. Once I've connected, I can turn the firewall back on, and everything is peachy, as long as I dont go back to

character selection or change server instance.


I've already accepted the games client in firewall setting, but there is something else launching just before Black Desert, called XIGNCODE.

I guess it's some kind of anti cheat.



I cand find any executable and approve it. When I browse to the folder where XIGNCODE is launching from, all I see are some random files, no .exe.



So, is there anyway to, from withing Smart Security, approve an already running executable?

Any help appreciated! <3



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