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Is there anyway to stutter client connections?


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We have several machines that are trying to connect and update at the same time on our network. This is causing a slowdown that is interfering with other processes..


We are currently using ESET remote admin 4.0138.0 (Not against updating it but that is for another time). With all of our client machines using ESET 4


As the title says, is there anyway to stutter or limit the amount of active downloads the server is giving at once? I want all the machines to update but doing so at the same time is straining our system.

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The only thing that occurs me is to upgrade to ERA v5 which creates smaller mirror update files and ESET BE v4 to Endpoint v5. However, the best solution would be to test ERA v6 and upgrade to Endpoint v6 as well and configure it to update through a proxy server which would minimize the Internet traffic to the bare minimum. V6 provides substantially better protection against malware than v4 thanks to LiveGrid and other new protection mechanisms. If you are concerned about malware encrypting files, ESET Endpoint Security v6 provides additional protection by blocking malicious network communication which turned out to be highly effective.

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