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Updates Endpoint from my proxy

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I wanted to configure ESET Endpoint to get updates from my proxy.

I installed and configured the Apache proxy by advice hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3637/?viewlocale=en_US

Unfortunately I can not force the endpoint to update from it.

I set options Update / server http proxy. I typed my proxy address and port.

However, the updates are downloaded from the Internet constantly instead of a local proxy


When I used the ERA in version 5 there could force clients to set the update server. However, in version 6 is no longer think such an option and it should be done just by proxy.

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First of all, if you want Endpoint to communicate with ESET's servers through a proxy server, we recommend configuring it under Tools -> Proxy server and leaving it set to "Use global proxy server settings" in the update setup. Otherwise activation, LiveGrid or modules like Web protection will not work.


How do you know that computers do not connect through the proxy? Did you check a Wireshark or proxy server log?

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I know this is that I blocked out the computer to the Internet and let only movement within the internal network. Then download the updates stopped.


I would like to Endpoint while downloading updates did not contact with external servers eset but benefited from my server update.

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