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New install Mac mail gmail not working

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I recently installed Cyber Security Pro (for Mac) on a mac 10.11.3


After installing my mac mail gmail account does not work. I looked at the connection doc and the IMAP settings just never connects.


Any thought on settings I can try looking at or changing. My other imap accounts and POP accounts work fine.


- Mike

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Hi Mike,


Cyber Security Pro at the moment shouldn't affect secure Mail accounts as it does not support secure protocols (e.g. IMAP with SSL/IMAPS). Two ideas:

  • Set mail protection settings back to default in Cyber Security Pro preferences if you have modified anything (by clicking on the 'Default' button on the protection settings window),
  • Quit Mail, double check Gmail settings in System Preferences > Internet Accounts (you may need to remove and re-add the account for correct automatic setup), then restart OS X.

Doing the second idea should resolve it as you will be starting the connection to your Gmail from fresh. If it still doesn't work, try turning off Mail Protection from ESET's Preferences and see if it connects, it may be that it has been set up to use the ports usually used for regular IMAP and/or POP.

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I also have this problem with gmail and imap using Cyber Security (  I did the second suggestion from planet where I removed and added the gmail account to the OSX mail app and still had the same problem of not authenticating user name and password.  Even disabling ESET after this didn't work.  So I removed ESET and reinstalled the gmail account and bam its working again.


"...it may be that it has been set up to use the ports usually used for regular IMAP and/or POP."

My mail app is set up to use ports 993 for imap and 587 for smpt as these are what is suggested by gmail.

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