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March 2016 Patch Tuesday KB3139929


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Was doing the usual Windows updates and am having trouble (error 80072EFE) with 3 security updates (I use Win 7). Come to find out one of them KB3139929 according to InfoWorld, contains an ad generator for Win 10 :ph34r: . Anyone else having issues or know anything about this?





FYI-Running the Windows Update troubleshooter and/or resetting Windows Update components (using the Windows Update troubleshooter) and/or running Fix It #50202 in Advanced mode will delete your Update History but not the list of Installed Updates.


I learned that with a previous issue. ^_^


EDIT...I was able to get 2 updates installed-am holding off of KB3139929

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Uninstall update KB 3139929. Check for updates again and Hide KB 3139929. Just do without it. I use GWX Control Panel from Ultimate Outsider .com (it's free & clean) to keep Win 10 updaters off of my computer.

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Thanks BN. Appreciate the information. :)


I also use GWX.


It just irritates me what they're (MS) doing. :angry:


EDIT 3-13-16


I did install KB3139929

You can read a discussion here: hxxp://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-update/windows-7-downloads-march-2016/d5f49cd3-2f3c-4f19-b71c-6f204a0bc1ed?auth=1

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