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Since program module update in v 9.0.375.1 (german) no more IMAP emails come in

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today a new program module update came in. I don't know which, here are the installed components (in german):

Eset Nod32Antivirus v9.0.375.1 (german)


Signaturdatenbank: 13146 (20160308)
Soforteinsatz-Modul: 7622 (20160308)
Updates: 1060 (20150617)
Viren- und Spyware-Schutz: 1479 (20160203)
Advanced Heuristik: 1167 (20160128)
Archivunterstützung: 1245 (20160118)
Säuberungstechnologie: 1118 (20160205)
Anti-Stealth-Unterstützung: 1094 (20160119)
ESET SysInspector: 1257 (20151113)
Echtzeit-Dateischutz: 1010 (20150806)
Lokalisierungsunterstützung: 1456 (20160222)
HIPS-Unterstützung: 1217 (20160308)
Internet-Schutz: 1226.11 (20160219)
Datenbank: 1077 (20160212)
Konfigurationsmodul (33): 1240.3 (20160215)
LiveGrid-Kommunikationsmodul: 1020 (20150807)
Spezielles Säuberungsprogramm: 1010 (20141118)
Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1000 (20151228)

Since then i cannot get imap emails anymore with eset email scanning enabled. TLS handshake is rejected and no connection is established to the server.


When i turn off email scanning completely (imap, with ports 585,993,465) the emails are coming in normally.


I have this issue on all my 4 computers here in my network.


It must have to do with the recent program module update because before this update all went well with imap scanning enabled.



Kind regards


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  • Former ESET Employees

Noticed this had not been replied to and wanted to check in: are you still experiencing this issue?

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I also have this problem on a W10-64 machine.

SSL protocol filtering enabled prohibits IMAP connection ( too many connections open) to all my Thunderbird established 5+ IMAP accounts.

Switching off SSL protocol filtering cures .......  :-(

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