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ESET Remote Administrator agent on eset 5 clients

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Dear Support,


We pushed out remote administrator agent on some clients which were having the eset 5 version and that other remote admin server is still available but since the agent is pushed those clients do not take update.


Please advise if i can rectify that situation till i push new eset 6 to that clients.


Also i have issues which mac agent pushing, after the agent installation using live agent methods i can push the eset 6 but cannot do the agent pushing initially.





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What you need to do, is to check for the following:

- have you installed the ESET Remote Administrator 6 with the Apache HTTP proxy? - if yes, and ERA agent has been deployed a policy that forces the Endpoint 5 to update via HTTP Proxy is in place (set to the group "all". That means, that Endpoint 5 no longer attempts to update from the mirror (as it was most probably before), but directly from the internet via the proxy. As it was most probably not activated (username & password not inserted in the Endpoint 5 applicaton in your original ERA 5 setup), it fails to get the update files from the ESET Servers.


So you have two options:

- create a policy, that points those endpoints to the update mirror (set the values as they were set before) and assign it to those endpoints only (it will overwrite the values for the "all" policy

- activate Endpoint 5 seats with a license. ERA agent will obtain the license from eset activation servers, and insert valid username & password into the configuration of Endpoint 5. Since then, it should start updating.


Concerning the second issue, I can´t comment, as further information might be needed. I will ask somebody from ERA engineers to respond.

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