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EXE binaries for Windows to be scaned in Linux version of NOD32 AV

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Is it a good, or just in opposite, a bad idea to scan exe files (executable binaries for Windows family platform)

using the Linux version of NOD32 AV?

One can see that such scans take a tiny fraction of one second (unable to observe the scan in progress) while a scan of tar ball

of similar size needs noticeable time.

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  • Former ESET Employees

Scanning the file as you said takes milliseconds and gives you more piece of mind that the files you have, whether for Linux or not, are clean. So IF you should ever share those files or for some reason transfer them to a Windows system, they won't wreak havoc. :)

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Thanks for your input. Actually my concern is quite different. Please accept my apologize for not been accurate enough.

I afraid NOD32 for Linux operating on Linux does not conduct real scan if the file is an exe (executable built for Windows).

This conclusion raised from observation that a tarball file of same size takes significantly longer.


Put in other words, for instance to apply any kind of heuristics on Windows exe files NOD32 needs to emulate Windows

environment in some extend. If I am right (???) it is a question of feasibility.

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