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Rules of the ESET Security Forum

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Welcome to the ESET Security Forum!


ESET is pleased to provide you with this resource in order to make it easy for you to ask questions and receive answers about ESET's products and services.  Understand that the ESET Security Forum is a private community for existing customers of ESET, prospective customers who are interested in ESET's software, ESET employees and business partners.  Because of this focus, it is not like a general public forum, where conversations take place on a variety of non-ESET and non-security related topics.


With that in mind, we have the following rules in place:


  1. When registering for an account on the forum, please fill out the information accurately and correctly.
    Do not enter the Username and Password for your licensed ESET software, but instead choose a username (in Latin) unique to this forum.  You should also choose a suitably complex password unique to this forum as well.
  2. Do not create multiple accounts.  If a person is found creating multiple accounts, ESET reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary, including banning, blocking, deleting and/or merging them.  The exception to this rule is ESET staff, who may create multiple accounts for testing purposes.
  3. No impersonating other forum users, ESET employees or other people.
  4. Use appropriate language in the forum.  No vulgar, obscene or rude language will be tolerated.
  5. No vulgar, obscene or otherwise offensive images or video will be tolerated.
  6. ESET staff have the right to move, edit or modify messages that you post.  This may be done for clarity, to move a message to more appropriate forum where it will receive more attention, or for other reasons outlined in these rules.
  7. All decisions by ESET staff are final, and not open to discussion.
  8. This list may be updated at any time.  Please periodically visit this page to review any updates.
  9. Do not post direct links to any executable files, malicious/suspicious software or web sites in public messages, even if you think the software or site is clean and incorrectly detected by ESET.  Break up the URL by inserting spaces into it, or replacing the protocol handler with an obfuscated one, like .
  10. Do not attach malicious or suspicious files to messages, even if you think they are clean.  Write a public message, and then use the "report this message" option to send a private message to ESET staff with a link.
  11. Do not post any personally identifiable information (PII) about yourself, such as an email or mailing address or phone number, in a public message.
  12. Do not post the username and password or license key for your ESET software in a public message.
  13. Do not post links to software cracking tools, license key generators, pirated copies of software or other illicit software in the forum.  If you wish to report a site, write a public message, and then use the "report this message" option to send a private message to ESET staff with a link.
  14. Do not post private correspondence (private messages, email, etc.) publicly within the forum.
  15. Do not post "A vs. B" or "Which product is best?" type messages in the forum.
  16. Do not post overtly commercial messages in the forum (this includes in your signature).
  17. Do not pre-announce releases.  Due to differences in scheduling, it may sometimes take several hours after a release has appeared on ESET's web site for the release announcement to appear here in the forum.
  18. Do not abuse the forum's rich text controls.  Messages and signatures with inappropriate font selection, including size, color and, for signatures, length, may be edited by forum staff to conform to standards of decency.
  19. Do not ask other users for logs, especially if they may contain sensitive or other personally identifiable information.
  20. Posts made on behalf of a 3rd party company may only be made from accounts registered with an email address from the company's domain (verifiable by ESET staff).
  21. Do not use the "Report post" function for other purposes than reporting inappropriate content requiring moderators' attention.
  22. Do not report possibly incorrect detections or blocks (false positives) in the forum unless they may affect a lot of users. If you think that your application or website is detected or blocked incorrectly, please report it to ESET as per the instructions at https://support.eset.com/kb141. Please keep in mind that this forum is not a channel for disputing detections or url blocks.
  23. Be civil, do not post sarcastic, offensive or mocking comments towards any person or entity.
  24. Do not post messages that are off-topic, keep the discussion to the point and do not lead it astray or in a loop. To discuss a different, unrelated issue or question, always create a new topic.
  25. Do not excessively tag users in your posts.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of ESET's moderators.


Last Revised: 5 March 2019.

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