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Is there problem with Nod32 and JS in Firefox and Chrome ?


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Since this morning, I got JS trojan detection whereas nothing as changed, nothing new installed, and nothing's detected (with Nod32 or Malwarebytes).


Here are a few examples : 


Chrome : 

- when I type "test" in the searchbar (and it's the genuine Google searchbar), I got this, whereas it display the correct answer on Google : 


- On Amazon, if I navigate I got no errors but if I try to enter something in the searchbar of Amazon, I got this : 



On Firefox, I tried the same thing with Amazon, and same detection as Chrome.


Both certificates for Amazon on Chrome and Firefox are valid, as well as Google,

OS : Windows 10,

Everything up to date,

Extensions on Chrome : Ghostery and APB, up to date and nothing never happened with these.


Any idea ? :)


Regards !


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