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Viewing quarantine files (after program was uninstalled)

Hell Patrol

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Hi, so from the title this sounds like a straightforward topic but it isn't.


Back in January I had a bit of a virus scare, turned out to be a false alarm but nonetheless at the recommendation of a friend I installed NOD32 and did a scan. To the best of my memory it brought up two files that were infected, this correlates with the fact that I found my quarantine with two files (not including INFO.NQI) quarantined.


After the scan I simply quarantined the files, I checked and I don't recall them being anything other than DLL files and they didn't have any familiar names. However I recently tried to launch a game that I had not played since prior to the scan, an error message popped up informing me I was missing a file that after a moment of thought sounded quite familiar.


It might not be a quarantined file, but I want to check. I have my quarantine folder with the files in it, and I uninstalled NOD32 some time ago. Now, I figured it would be as simple as reinstalling NOD 32, going to the inbuilt quarantine viewer, and viewing the files. However any attempt to reinstall NOD32 is met with a big connection error screen, followed by some text asking me to configure proxy server settings and more text telling me to get an offline installer.


I just want to be able to view these files, if there is a way that doesn't require reinstalling NOD32 I'm fine with that as well, but if that is the only way I really would just like to know how to do so then.

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