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Cannot activate Eset for 2nd computer

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Having just recently purchased Eset Smart Security Suite for 2 posts, i was able to successfully activate my first computer running Win 10 by using the licence key sent to me.


When i try to activate on my second PC running Win 8.1, i always get a failed activation if i use the same licence key. I found somewhere within the knowledge base that said, for a second or third

pc to be activated, i would need to activate using my user name and password and not the licence key.


Well there is no where showing on the security suite that option to activate using the username and password. This is for version 9.


Grateful is someone could help me resolve this activation issue. 

Many thanks :)

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There should be an error code displayed in the right-hand lower corner of the activation window. What number does it read?


Hi Marcos, yes indeed there is an error code:  ECP 4099


I have uninstalled and re-installed the suite a few time now but i still get the same activation issue with the same error code.


Hopefully you may have a solution. Many thanks.

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The error means a communication problem with activation servers. If you use a firewall, make sure that access to the activation servers is allowed (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb332



I found this from the knowledge base.:


You might want to try this:
We could not reach the activation server (Error Code: ECP.4099)
This is a known issue that prevents to activate your ESET product in some circumstances. The following steps may resolve your issue:
 Try to activate multiple times
 In case of a laptop, try to activate from a different location or place which uses different Internet connectivity
 Review the proxy settings in your ESET product (users with Proxy connection only)
 Use another DNS server address in your network adapter properties (experienced users only)
 Ensure that your Windows operating system is up-to-date; if not, perfrom Windows Update, restart your computer and try to activate again.
Before installing Eset Security Suite i disabled windows firewall and have no third party firewall either. I have tried the above but i seem to be having a problem updating windows. Looking at that issue now as well. :wacko:
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Please let us know how you resolve the issue. Sharing the knowledge might help others :)

It was the 2nd PC was unable to update via windows update service. So i basically did a system recovery, updated windows and re-installed Eset Security Suite, which activated properly.

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