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automatic update stopped working 2 weeks ago & I have a valid license

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as in the subject, the automatic database update stopped working 2 weeks ago. It constantly showed that it was updating yet it was not updating.

I have a valid license dated to the 29/11/2016.

I uninstalled the orogram & reinstalled it & now it shows that I am on a 30day trial.  It would not accept my license key.

I took a photo of my license details that I took from the program before I  uninstalled it.


What is going on here?


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It seems you have activated the application with a license registered to a different email address than the email address of your primary Google account associated in your phone.

In that case, upon reinstallation, the app looks for a license under the Google account email and when it fails to find one, it gives you the opportunity to activate a free trial. It looks like you somehow accepted the free trial and now the app has a working license with premium features enabled, so it won't try to activate with different credentials while already activated (even if just as a trial), until the trial expires. Once it expires, you should have no troubles activating with your original license.

Thanks for your understanding,


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