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Windows Defender issue?

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Hi there,


I have been running ESET Smart Security for a couple of weeks now, yesterday, I started having some problems after creating another temporary user (without admin rights) for my friend. We logged in into that account, used it a little, and all of sudden Windows Defender started up, and it starts doing quick scan. I believed everything was fine so I ignored it.

But today, I log back into my main account, like usual, and now I have 2 antiviruses running alongside each other for some reason. Before this, I think Windows Defender disabled itself when Smart Security was installed, also Windows Defender is doing something, so SSD's disk usage is 100%, and my laptop gets frozen after 5 minutes. I also get Windows Notifications that I should enable Windows Firewall and should do a Quick Scan.


I think making another account enabled Windows Defender on my main account too.


Smart Security is enabled, but how do I disable Windows Defender? I am on Windows 10.

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Hello T-N-Z. Unsure of your status as of late, but here is a "how to" article I found via Windows Community. Hopefully this will help you.




Good Luck.

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