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Era update Soruce


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hello again,
is there anyway to make Era server to download Virus signature database updates on specific sharefolder and redirect clients to take update via sharefolder.
i am unable to configuring the update source to local drive...

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It depends on what version of ERA you mean. With ERA v5, you can select a folder to store mirrored update files and make them accessible via a simple http server or share. As of ERA v6, you can use a v6 product (Endpoint, EFSW, EMXS, etc.) or the Offline Mirror tool to create a local mirror. However, the preferred way of updating clients in larger networks is updating from ESET's servers while utilizing a local HTTP proxy server (e.g. Apache HTTP Proxy bundled with the ERA all-in-one installer). This way only files that are really needed will be downloaded (ideally just a few kB) compared to updating from a mirror when all changed update files have to be downloaded with each update (which can be more than 40 MB in total).

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