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Firewall: Question about blocking of INCOMING TCP packet

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Good morning everyone,


     I'm presently trying-out the 30-day trial version of ESS v9 (10 days now) on my Win 7 SP1, x64 computer as a prospective replacement for my previous security suite.  (Thus far, ESS seems to be performing well for me).   Most settings were left at their default, except I am running the Firewall in Learning Mode (it will revert to Automatic Mode in 4 days).  The Email Antispam module, Anti-theft, & the Banking modules are not used either.


The Firewall Troubleshooting log regularly shows the blocking of an INBOUND TCP packet from IP address  The details state, "Packet does not belong to any open communication".  This IP address is associated with esumsoft.com - which is the developer of the legitimate PopPeeper Email Retrieval/Notification Program I've been using for over 4 years.  Checking IPvoid shows only 2 other websites associated with this same IP address - all flagged green.


(The only RULE that's been automatically created for PopPeeper (i.e. poppeeper.exe) thus far, is for outbound connections).


My question:  Is there a particular reason why ESS Firewall is blocking the aforementioned inbound TCP packet from a legit IP address associated with a legit application I'm using on my computer?


Thank you for your time and any enlightenment.


Pete C.


NOTE. - [For some reason, I am unable to include the screenshot I took of the log despite it only being a 100 kb .png file.  It will upload, but can't seem to be attached/inserted, nor do I see it when "Previewing" my post.  Is there a minimum post count required?].

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Did you encounter any issue with the application because of this? I assume no as the application was likely not listening and expecting any communication from PepPeeper's server.

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Hi Marcos,


     Apologies for the oversight...I should have mentioned that I'm not noticing any problems with the PopPeeper program.  I just happened to be looking through the Firewall Troubleshooting section, looking-up some of the various blocked IP addresses shown there, and thought it odd an IP associated with the PopPeeper program was being shown.

Figured I would ask about it here - just to be sure there isn't some issue I need to address.


Much obliged for your getting back with me! :)

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