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WU error 0x80248007 Windows 10, Windows Defender


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I have a problem with Windows Update on Windows 10 with ESET Endpoint antivirus. When WU detect new udpate for Windows Defender it can`t install it. But if I uninstall ESET, then all is ok. How I can resolve this problem?





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If you attempt to download the eicar test file from this link, is it detected by web protection? https://secure.eicar.org/eicar_com.zip

Does temporarily disabling SSL/TLS scanning make a difference?

Yes it is detected as virus.

SSL/TLS is turned off by default in my configuration

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It is strange, but this update is gone..

I`ve enabled SSL/TLS, restarted web-browser, checked for updates. Now computer is up to date. I`ve disabled SSL/TLS, restarted web-browser again and now WU don`t detect any new updates. I will check it when new updates will be available

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