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this is a test thread


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Because this is a threat that recieved much traffic alghought it's quite old, I want to add another thing about linking to posts and topics in this forum, because in this forum is also another way how to link to threads and posts:


How to add the link:

You can also link to a topic or post with clicking on the 3rd button in the "toolbar" of the editor. There you can add SpecialBBCode.
Now select "topic" or "post" and enter the ID and the text.


The ID you can find here:

  • Topic: In the URL you find the number aber the "topic/". E.g. in this topic you would find it here:
  • Post: Click on the right of the post at the "share button" or copy the link from this share button. Here you will find the number at the end after the "?p=". E.g. to SweX post #25 before mine here:


Link to this topic

Link to SweXs last post.


Edit: I changed in the links above the https to hxxps, because otherwise the text will automatically converted into a link.

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