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NOD32 failed to protect/clean a trojan


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I recently got a trojan by visiting a website. NOD32 fired off a bunch of warnings while on that site and I immediately left. However on startup the next day my computer was inoperable (while connected to the internet, explorer.exe would max out my CPU and crash/reboot).I tried running multiple scans connected to the internet, disconnected, safe mode and from a recovery disk and all failed to fix the problem (or even detect that there was one).


Finally I did some research online and was able to determine it was the backdoor.win64.bedep.om trojan. I got it removed using other software but have to say that I'm disappointed that NOD not only failed to protect me but couldn't help me. 


Is this a problem your company product will be looking into resolving soon?

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There's no security solution that would 100% protect you from threats. However, ESET is very good at detecting new-borne malware. For instance, this Bedep variant was detected by only 2 other vendors besides ESET, namely by Bkav and Rising:


Detection ratio:     3 / 53

ESET-NOD32      Win64/Bedep.D      20160216


Please drop me a pm with the output from ESET Log Collector attached so that I can check if your ESET is configured properly for maximum protection.

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