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Does Eset Un-compress gzip encoded HTML pages based on the User Agent?

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When trying to understand why Chrome developer tools was showing that content was not "gzip"-ed for my website, I realized that the behaviour was dependent on what the User-Agent string was.   If I changed it to a "bogus" user agent, Chrome would show that the content was gziped, if however I used the normal User Agent, the content would be unzipped and shown as transfer-encoding: chunked.


Firstly, is Eset doing decompression of web-pages on the fly and not returning the content to it's original gziped form? And secondly, I'm presuming that the content is unzipped so that Eset can examine the contents for viruses, malware, etc. - does this mean that if I change my User-Agent to something not recognized by the Eset that I won't be protected?  

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I've got the very same thing! Almoste burn my mind trying to uderstand GZip compression issue!

Chrome Dev Tools didnt show Gzip

If I send browser User-Agent Curl also didnt show GZip.


Also I tried to disable ESET but it make no changes. Gzip didn't show up.


Only Wireshark shows that server responds with GZip.


Althought I didn't really sure it is ESET. But its very possible reason.


Can support clearify that?


Thanks in advance.

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