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Cannot deactivate client because it was "Activated from ERA"

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Hi folks.  I'm logged into ESET License Administrator on the web and under Unit Management I have several computers with "name", "name-1", etc highlighted in red as multiple products.  The issue I have is: I cannot deactivate/remove the computer in question because it says it has been "activated from ERA." (see attached screenshot)


I logged into ERA on my server and could not find the duplicate computer name to remove.  How do I remove this duplicate machine to free up the license seat?


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Please note, that if you enter the license to ERA by the means of "License key" (during installation, or manually after installation), and you also create a security admin account, where you add this license key, you won´t be able to deactivate computers activated from ESET Remote Administrator from your security admin account, as the security admin could not deactivate seats which were activated with the license key. This is a security precaution, that somebody who is not owner of the license, will deactivate seats that does not belong to him (you can have multiple security admins in place for one license).


Solution will be to login as License Owner to ELA (with license key & ELA password), then you will see the check-boxes next to every computer.

For improved user experience, I would remove the licenses to ERA, and add them there using security admin account. Then you will be able to troubleshoot licensing from your security account, by logging in to ELA.

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Oh boy.  I forgot there was an original license owner account that I used to create myself a security admin account when we rolled over to ESET 6.  I just logged in as the original owner and removed the computer.  Thank you both!

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