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Dynamic Group: filtering clients with Enpoint Antivirus (not up to date)


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I've made several tests with creating some Dynamic Groups filtering clients with ESET Endpoint Antivirus which are not up to date (in this case clients != 6.3.2016.1). 

But it doesn't work properly. 


My Expression (in my last test) is: 




Until now I've didn't found the correct expression which list all the clients without the latest version. 

Would be great if someone could help me. 

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  • ESET Staff

A general question regarding Dynamic Groups: it seems that only clients are listed which are currently online?! Is that true?


Dynamic group templates are evaluated on AGENTs therefore you have to wait until AGENTs receive newest version of modified template. In case AGENT has not connected since your last modification of template, there is no chance it will be member of such group.


In case you want list of all AGENTs, even those not connecting I would suggest to use pre-defined reports for version check - reports content is based on data currently available on SERVER (i.e. data sent by AGENTs during their last connection).

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