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After Windows Update, Smart Security 9 won't turn on

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Today my Windows 7 Professional computer had an automatic Windows Update which required a restart. The update was odd because it took a long time for the computer to turn off and then on again.


Once it finally booted up, I received a Windows error message: "ESET Smart Security 9.0.349.0 reports that it is turned off." When I clicked the Action Center button "Turn on now" it asks me if I trust the publisher and want to run the program. I say yes but nothing happens and the error message remains.


I can't see the Smart Security icon in the icon tray. I went to the Start button, clicked on the ESET folder then Smart Security to turn it on and nothing happened. I also clicked on the installation file to reinstall it but it gave the message the program is already installed. But I can't open the program to run any tests or logs.


I'm guessing the problem is due to the latest Window updates? How do I turn it back on to protect my computer? Thanks.


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Hello cjkc. and welcome. I also run Win 7 and yesterday's patch day was "different". My PC had to restart twice to configure all the updates (15 if I recall correctly).

My ESS v9 though did NOT have an issue and the PC booted up today OK.

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