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CouponPrinter.exe (Coupons.com) ?


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I have a client who uses NOD32 Antivirus version 9, and she likes this Coupon Printer program developed by coupons.com.


She uses this site ( hxxp://www.bjs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CouponsDisplayView?storeId=10201) and installs the coupon program "CouponPrinter.exe" that is found at this address from within that last page... hxxp://www.coupons.com/install/?pid=20671&nid=10&zid=wv62 ). NOD32 won't allow her to use it based on adware threat.  She has used it for years and wants to continue to use it, how can I tell the program to ignore this for her, I went into exclusions and various other things but it seems like NOD32 has a mind of it's own and really doesn't want this being used. Advice?


This lady doesn't care if services are being installed in the background, she's older and loves the program....  -_-

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If one insists on using adware for whatever reasons at their own risk, it's possible to temporarily disable protection before downloading and installing it. After installation, enable protection and when a file is detected, add its path to the exclusion list and restore it from quarantine.

Of course, excluding adware or any malware from detection or disabling protection while installing software is not recommended as it creates a security risk.

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