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Remote Wipe Successful but nothing actual happen on iPad

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Hi All,


When I test around the iOS MDM features, it seems the remote wipe not really works at all.


I created some dummy contacts in iPad Contact List and Run the remote ripe task in the ERA.


The task show success , but there is nothing happen on the iPad. Related Contact Still there....


So what going on ? 


Anyone can advice ? 


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  • ESET Staff

Hi Kenneth.

As of now, there is the bug in ERA, that "remote wipe" task, initiate by the quick menu item, is not working, as that kind of task is not recognized on iOS devices. Task is listed as "finished successfully" as it is forwarded to the MDM Core, for execution.

Please check the "known issues" hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3597/

You need to execute "enhanced factory reset", until the fix is publicly released. You can do this by creating new task, from Admin / Client Tasks / New / Mobile / Anti-Theft Actions / Enhanced Factory Reset (please ignore the wording).

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