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Completely confused by ERA 6.3 tasks

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Perhaps I'm getting old, but I am completely confused by the tasks in ERA 6.3. For the avoidance of doubt, I have used ERA 6.x for over a year and I am quite comfortable with it. Can someone explain how they work please?


Please see attached file. This is what I have after the upgrade to 6.3. What I normally do to upgrade a client, if I find that it's still on the old version of EEA, is go into the approrpiate task (I have one task for each license I manage) and I add the computer to the task. That computer then gets upgraded.


I can't seem to do this in ERA 6.3. no matter which task I go into I see the message:


"Targets can be added or modified in the Client Tasks screen or from task context menu"


But I am already in the Client Tasks Screen! So how can I add a computer to a task? What am I missing?


Many thanks






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  • Solution

Click on task and then "Run on..." - you can add trigger and target.

Or click existing trigger (after expanding a task) and then "Edit" - add target to existing trigger.

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  • ESET Moderators

For existing tasks, you can use the Run on as you found -- but just FYI that in ERA 6.3 the create trigger/add target process was changed, as you noticed, and you now do that step after adding the Client Task. 


This is documented here: How do I create a Trigger and add Target computers or groups to execute a Client Task? (6.3) [hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5790/]


We are in the process of updating relevant KB documentation that mention tasks, triggers and targets. 

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