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Action Selection Postponed

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Hi All,


We're in the process of moving from v5 to v6 ERA.


I've added around 35 machines on v6, and they are scheduled to run an on-demand scan. Coupled with this I have a report that generates active threats.


This has flagged up lots of active threats on the PCs, albeit not very serious ones, but each threat has "action selection postponed until scan completion".


How do I get these threats quarantined on the machine?


I have checked the on-demand scanner settings for the policy applied to these PCs, and it's set to "normal cleaning".



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Action is postponed at the end of a scan in standard cleaning mode when:

- a file is found in an archive that also contains other clean files

- a potentially unsafe or unwanted application was detected

- a virus was detected and cleaning failed.

You can enforce deletion by switching to strict cleaning mode. Note that active threats will be cleared in ERAS automatically only if you run a scan using in-depth scan profile settings and the scan is initiated from ERA.

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So as this is a scheduled "on-demand computer scan", I should change the policy for Antivirus > On-demand computer scan to be the "In-depth scan" profile?


Would I change the cleaning level under the Threatsense Parameters section of Antivirus > On-demand computer scan?

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I have enabled this under Antivirus > On-demand computer scan, and it isn't clearing any of the threats.


What should I do?

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